Residential Property Fees

A breakdown of our Residential Property Fees

Conveyancing Fees

As a law firm that is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, MTG Solicitors has a legal duty to be completely transparent regarding its fees.  This duty is in line with our firm’s values, which is to be honest and transparent with our clients at all times.

Our Fees include

Our fees include all the legal work required up to the completion of the sale/purchase or re-mortgage of your home. This further includes post-completion requirements such as dealing with any Stamp Duty Land Tax that may be payable on your transaction and the registration at the Land Registry. We will also deal with your Lender on your behalf if applicable.


We would estimate that your matter is likely to take 6-12 weeks to complete. Please note that the time scale of your matter is dependent on many factors including but not limited to, when we receive your mortgage offer (if required) and how quickly the other side’s solicitor responds to our enquiries.

Key Stages


  • Download office copy entries and title plan
  • Prepare contract and TR1 to be signed by you
  • To send draft documents to the other side
  • Provide replies to any enquiries raised by the purchasers Solicitors
  • Liaise with the existing mortgage lender to redeem the charge (if required)
  • Preparing and sending you your completion statement for your approval
  • Dealing with any relevant Land Registry requisitions raised to us by the purchasers solicitor


  • To request draft documentation from the Vendors solicitor
  • To peruse the draft documentation and raise enquiries
  • To carry out property searches on your behalf and on behalf of your lender
  • To provide you with a report on title
  • To exchange and complete on your behalf as per your instructions
  • Preparing and sending you your completion statement for your approval
  • Dealing with payment of SDLT
  • Dealing with any requisitions raised by the Land Registry.
  • Send the new title deeds once registered to you for your safe keeping.


  • Apply for searches if required
  • To review your mortgage offer and explain the terms to you
  • Liaise with your current lender in needed to redeem an existing charge
  • Complete the re-mortgage and send the new title deeds to your new mortgage lender if required
  • Preparing and sending you your completion statement for your approval

Additional Work

Our fees are based off your transaction being straightforward and the title to your property registered at the Land Registry. If your matter becomes more complicated and requires additional unforeseen work, you will be informed, and a revised cost will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity. If you require completion within 10 days of exchange, we will expedite your transaction, but additional costs will be incurred, please feel free to contact us to discuss this further if necessary.

Our Fees do not include

  • Advice on any tax related issues including IHT and CGT
  • Valuations
  • Advice on the property condition or any surveys in respect of the property
  • Negotiations/ re-negotiating Heads of Terms
  • Disputes arising on or after completion
  • The suitability of your mortgage for your own personal circumstances

Free 30-minute consultation

We begin every new client relationship by offering a free 30-minute consultation.  During this time, we find out about your Conveyancing matter and quickly establish how we can help you.

Our free consultation is designed to ensure you understand our processes and we have the opportunity to provide you with an estimate of how much our services will cost.  You will receive this information in a Client Care package which will be sent to you if you wish to instruct us.

How our fees are structured

In almost all cases, our Conveyancing lawyers work on a fixed fee basis.  This means that we calculate how much advising and representing you on your matter will cost and provide you with a quote.  The quoted amount for the work listed will not vary.  If additional work needs to be carried out, we will send you a new quote for the additional work.  You will never receive any ‘unexpected’ charges on any of our invoices.

Some legal matters, especially those that are highly complex, cannot be invoiced on a fixed fee basis. In this case, your matter will be bill on an hourly rate.  We will make every effort to provide an accurate estimate as to how much our services will cost you in total before we proceed.

Why choose us?

Fees are not the only factor to consider when choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor to advise and represent you.  We have an outstanding reputation for delivering positive outcomes for clients and acting in a compassionate, responsive, and open manner.  You can read our Testimonials to see how we have successfully helped many clients over the years.

Everyone in our team is committed to helping our clients achieve the outcome they desire.  We have the expertise and experience to provide some of the best quality Conveyancing services in Middlesex and West London.

You can be confident that we will always act in your best interests from the moment you first contact us.

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