Residential Property

With the ever-increasing occurrence of conveyancing fraud and the multitude of things that can go wrong in the sale and
purchase of property, it is crucial to instruct a  responsible conveyancing Solicitor to manage the process for you.

Buying and selling property is often one of the biggest transactions our clients make during their lifetime.  And with the ever-increasing occurrence of conveyancing fraud and the multitude of things that can go wrong in the sale and purchase of property, it is crucial to instruct an experienced, well-organised, responsible conveyancing Solicitor to manage the process for you.

Malik Asim Saeed, who is the firm’s Managing Partner, leads our residential property law team.  As one of the busiest legal practices in Middlesex and West London, we provide caring, responsive legal advice, always ensuring you are kept updated as to how your transaction is progressing.

Brilliant firm. Great experience from start to finish. Maria Cox is an amazing solicitor. Any question or issue big or small she was always there. Would definitely recommend this firm.”

We hold a Law Society Conveyancing Quality Accreditation, meaning we have the expertise to deliver quality conveyancing advice, use a standardised process to recognise and reduce risk, and meet set expectations when providing conveyancing services.

We can advise and assist you on the following residential property matters:

Sale and purchase

Whether you are selling or purchasing a home, we will help you move towards your new future with confidence.  For sellers, we will ensure every part of the sale and purchase contract is meticulously checked and quickly advise you of any queries the purchaser has to ensure the transaction moves smoothly.  And purchasers can rely on our careful checking of the title and any searches relating to your prospective new home.

Transfer of equity

Malik and his team will ensure that any change of ownership of your home goes through swiftly and smoothly.  Reasons for equity transfers include divorce, Court orders, moving in together (cohabitation), or the gifting of the property.  Whatever the reason for you needing to transfer equity, by instructing us you can be confident the matter will be taken care of with minimal hassle.


Remortgaging is where you change the mortgage on your property by moving to a new lender.  You will need a conveyancing lawyer to complete a remortgage as the new lender will require a title search and property searches such as water and drainage searches and environmental searches.  We will manage the process and ensure you fully understand the new lending conditions.

Right to Buy

The Right to Buy scheme is provided by the government to help those who rent their homes from a public body (such as a local council) be able to buy their property.  Right to Buy purchases can be complicated; however, our residential property Solicitors will explain the process to you and ensure it runs smoothly.

 Leasehold extensions and enfranchisement

If you own a leasehold property you will need to extend your lease before it drops below 80 years.  Failure to do so could result in the process costing you more as you will have to pay the ‘marriage value’.  Malik and his team can assist you with all aspects of extending your lease, and also advise you on buying a property with a short lease.  They can also provide expert advice and representation if you and other leaseholders within your building decide to purchase the freehold of the property (known as collective enfranchisement) or you wish to apply for the right to manage your building.

Safeguards against conveyancing fraud

As well as holding a Conveyancing Quality Accreditation, we are also a Lexcel accredited firm.  Both these achievements show that we take our processes and procedures seriously, especially concerning the security of clients’ funds.  Aside from strict identity checks, we will only take your bank details over the phone.  Furthermore, because we develop a strong relationship with our clients, we will know your voice and quickly be able to spot any suspicious activity relating to your transaction.

To speak with one of our residential property law team, please call us on 020 8754 5577 or complete the online form.