Family Law

Our family lawyers are members of Resolution, a group of over 6,500 Solicitors who follow a strict 
Code of Practice and aim to resolve family law matters in a non-confrontational manner.

Our family law team, led by Parminder Kaur Mattoo, and experienced and talented family law Solicitor, is one of the most highly respected in Middlesex and West London.  We understand the emotions and complexity that coincide with divorce and other family law matters, and we provide practical, compassionate legal advice, ensuring your best interests are protected.

MTG is an outstanding firm. Everyone from the front desk receptionist to the two solicitors with whom I dealt was professional, polite, and prompt. Earld and Rupinder are awesome! They showed compassion and made sure every detail was in order for us. I recommended MTG to a friend who said the same thing: a top quality & caring firm that actually seems to care about its clients. Highly recommend.

Our family lawyers are members of Resolution, a group of over 6,500 Solicitors who follow a strict Code of Practice and aim to resolve family law matters in a non-confrontational manner.  Whenever possible, we will engage in alternative disputes resolution methods such as round table negotiation and mediation.  However, some cases cannot be resolved by agreement: If Court action proves inevitable, we will initiate proceedings and robustly represent you in Court.

A full-service family law firm

Even though legal aid is no longer available for most family law cases, we are determined to provide access to justice to all socio-economic groups.  We now offer flexible payment options to family law clients, including a “pay as you go” service in respect of specific aspects of a case, for example attending a one-off court hearing or reviewing documents received from your spouse or partner.  We can also advise you on obtaining legal aid for domestic violence matters.

Our commitment to client care makes us one of West London’s leading family law practices.  Most of our clients return to us for advice on other legal matters, and we are regularly referred by past clients and members of the community.  We can assist you on all family matters, including


Getting divorced is a significantly stressful and emotionally charged event.  It is crucial to have an experienced divorce lawyer looking after your best interests.  From sorting out financial settlements to arrangements for children, we will work tenaciously to achieve your objectives.

High Net Worth and International Divorce

Cases involving large financial settlements and competing jurisdictions where the divorce can be heard requires specialist advice and representation.  If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, we will work with forensic accountants to lift corporate veils, pierce trusts, and apply for injunctions to freeze assets.  We also advise spouses who want to protect their wealth during a divorce.

Pre and Post -Nuptial Agreements

Parminder and her team can advise on and draft comprehensive pre and post-nuptial agreements.  Although such agreements are not legally enforceable, the Courts have stated that if certain conditions are met, they will be upheld unless it is deemed inequitable to do so.


At present, cohabiting partners are not protected by divorce law if they separate.  If you believe you should have a share of the family home, we can advise you on claiming  under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.  Furthermore, we can advise on and draft Cohabitation Agreements, which can protect your interests under contract law if you decide to live together.

Child Arrangements

As members of Resolution our Solicitors are committed to putting the needs of any children front and centre of family law proceedings.  We can advise you on all matters concerning child arrangement orders, and as far as possible, use alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation to resolve disagreements.

Domestic Violence

We have assisted men, women, and children who have suffered domestic abuse in seeking legal protection.  We can assist you with obtaining Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders.  We can also advise you on what constitutes abuse; for example, ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’ has been a criminal offence since 2015.  Therefore, if you are subject to controlling, humiliating, belittling, intimidation, or are being isolated from your family and friends and/or being denied access to money, you can seek legal help

Children and Care Proceedings

We can assist you at every stage of care proceedings.  We can also advise on whether you are eligible for legal aid.  We understand how emotionally distressing such proceedings can be and will compassionately help you, responding promptly to your queries.  We will also advise you about what assessments may be needed and can apply for these to be completed on your behalf.

Child abduction

Our family law Solicitors have the knowledge and experience to act fast if your child has been abducted or you suspect may be abducted.  We can apply for a Prohibited Steps Order and Port Alert Order to prevent your child from being taken out of the country.  If the abduction has already occurred, we can advise you if the Hague Convention applies and take the required steps under the Convention to have your child returned to the UK. 

A full-service law firm in West London and Middlesex

Regarding matters concerning children, we have an established and experienced department dealing with local authority matters such as care proceedings, discharge of care proceedings, adoption, contact with a child placed in care, and Special Guardianship Orders.

Our family law team has a strong rapport with clients, ensuring that matters that affect their lives are fully explained in a straightforward way.  Parminder and her team are recognised as formidable in their focus to achieve the best results for their clients and ensure the welfare of any children involved.

To speak with one of our family law team, please call us on 020 8754 5577 or complete the online form.