Housing is a vital part of everyone’s life.  We believe that if a housing dispute is solved,
many other problems experienced by clients also conclude.

MTG Solicitors’ housing department is one of the most highly regarded and successful in Middlesex and West London.  Housing is a vital part of everyone’s life.  We believe that if a housing dispute is solved, many other problems experienced by clients also conclude.  Our housing law team is committed to helping people obtain safe and healthy housing that fits the needs of their family.   

Muneeb Gill heads up our housing law department.  Muneeb has an outstanding reputation for persisting in matters until his clients get the solution they need.

I had a positive experience with MTG Solicitors; their housing specialist Mr Kamran is both friendly and very professional and most importantly available for when I needed his support and advice. The reception and customer service is very good, almost right away you get answers to your questions and waiting time is minimal.  I recommend this office for any similar legal cases.

Muneeb and his team do not shy away from tough housing law cases.  Our housing Solicitors are renowned for their caring, responsive, tenacious approach.  Whether it be a local authority or private landlord, they will not give up until the landlord takes the required action.

As a firm, we are meticulous in our preparation and case management and have achieved the Lexcel accreditation from the Law Society.  The Lexcel accreditation is held by only 1,637 law firms in England and Wales (out of approximately 11,000 firms).  Lexcel demonstrates that MTG Solicitors has met the demanding standards required for client care, information management, file and case management, among other areas. 

We can assist you with the following housing law matters:

Tenant evictions

Being evicted from your home, especially in these turbulent economic times can be stressful and frightening.  We can quickly establish whether your landlord is evicting you unlawfully and advise you on a range of defences to prevent the eviction from occurring.  Our team will use every legal measure to protect you and your families right to stay in your home peacefully.

Rehousing and homelessness

For over a decade, our housing team has challenged local authority decisions to deny housing.  In many cases, such decisions are unlawful, as local authorities have a responsibility to prioritise homeless people who are suffering from a disability, old age, or in cases where there are children.  We have successfully helped hundreds of people secure accommodation where they have been previously denied assistance.


Houses which are damp and mouldy, have faulty wiring and/or electrics, plumbing issues, or damage to the roof or walls are a health and safety hazard.  If your landlord has not actioned requests to make repairs, we can bring a claim to not only have the issues fixed but also for the landlord to pay damages for any harm you and your family have suffered. 

Can I obtain legal aid for housing disputes?

You may qualify for legal aid if:

– you have been given a tenancy Notice (for example a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice)

– your landlord or lender has taken you to Court

– you have been threatened with illegal eviction

– your home is in serious disrepair

you need to challenge a decision the council made on a homeless application

Our housing Solicitors can quickly advise you as to whether you will qualify for legal aid and support you through the application process.

By instructing us, you can be confident your Solicitor will answer your questions, listen compassionately, and robustly fight to protect your best interests.

To speak with one of our housing law team, please call us on 020 8754 5577 or complete the online form.