Probate can be a complex process, especially in high-value estates and/or where the deceased had property and assets abroad.

We have a busy probate law team in Middlesex and West London, providing caring, responsive legal advice, taking the time to listen to your requirements and objectives.

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We can assist you with the following Probate matters:

Applying for Probate

When someone dies their Will (if they have one) must pass through Probate before the deceased’s property and assets can be distributed as per the Will’s instructions.  Probate can be a complex process, especially in high-value estates and/or where the deceased had property and assets abroad.  Our Wills and Probate Solicitors will ensure the application for Probate is completed as quickly as possible and ensure the Executors of the Will receive the support they need to carry out their responsibilities.

The dangers of DIY Probate

It can be tempting to apply for Probate yourself, rather than instruct a Solicitor.  However, most people underestimate the time required to get everything ready to apply for Probate and the strict processes that must be followed.  For example, Executors must notify all relevant government agencies, banks, building societies and other financial firms of the Testator’s death, and arrange for accounts to be closed, catalogue the Estate, including identifying any property, assets, shares, bonds, etc, settle all outstanding debts, and calculate and pay any Inheritance Tax owing.  The latter can be especially stressful as it must be paid within a certain time or interest will be added.  Furthermore, an Executor can be held personally liable if they are negligent and their negligence results in damage (e.g financial loss) to the beneficiaries of the Will.

Having an experienced Probate Solicitor manage the process and provide advice mitigates your risk of liability and takes an enormous amount of stress and worry off your shoulders.

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