To make a WILL or not to that is the question?

March 3, 2017

“To do or not do” is indeed the Shakespearean question of our time; our lives have become so fast paced that its all whizzing too quickly these days. So when the question of making a Will comes up, little time for consideration is given and left back on the mantle piece for a another rainy day.

Its time for you to take a serious look into making your will.

Your Will is likely to be one of the last set of instructions you leave behind. It will deal with your instructions and wishes and will be the last remnants of your legacy. Making a Will makes it easier for both you and your loved ones.

However, If you decide not to make a will it can cause great confusion for your family and friends as to what your last wishes may have been. This can lead to family disagreements, disputes and even break ups; and remember you will not be there to clarify or explain those wishes. Unless you’re the “ghost of Christmas Past”!

Therefore, in order to ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly and your assets are distributed in accordance with your desires it is highly recommended to plan and make your Will today.

To protect your legacy, it is in your best interests to ensure that your will is drafted and executed in the correct way. Without this your will is open to interpretation and challenges which may invalidate your will, which would mean that gifts and legacies may not be distributed as per your original wishes. It seems a simple task to draw up your own will using a standard template and have it executed in the presence of two people, however it is easy to make mistakes and this could be one of the biggest pitfalls you could make.

By planning your Will with a solicitor specialising in wills you can have the peace of mind that your last testament has been drawn up correctly and with your full wishes intact:

Some of the various benefits of planning with a specialist solicitor include the following:

  1. You will be given advice on the options surrounding your will;
  2. You will be advised confidentially and your best interests will be put first;
  3. Your will be drafted and checked according to your instructions-your instructions may not be followed or you will may even be invalid if the incorrect wording is used;
  4. And most important of all your Will would be witnessed and executed in the correct way. One of the biggest problems of incorrect execution could mean that your will is invalid.

So there you have it, avoid the pitfalls and don’t risk your assets and legacies being handled in the incorrect way. So “to do” is certainly the way to go!