If you are a victim of Domestic Violence you may not know where to turn for help and advice; you may have lots of unanswered questions and feel too frightened to ask. Fortunately, our solicitors at MTG are here to help remove you and your children from danger so that you can rebuild your lives in a safe and secure environment.

Domestic violence is a very difficult and emotionally distressing area of law that encompasses all issues in respect of domestic abuse, harassment and emotional abuse. You may require the immediate protection of the court, or it may be a relevant factor when considering contact arrangements between the children and the absent parent.

At MTG our specialist family team work hard to provide support and assistance to those individuals and families that have suffered because of domestic violence and abuse.

We are able to offer a confidential emergency service should you require immediate protection.

We are able to secure emergency legal aid for most domestic violence injunctions and have significant experience in dealing with domestic violence in all relationships including same sex relationships.

You can get different kinds of injunction imposed on your abuser by the court to help protect you.

Non-molestation order

  • This court injunction is intended to prevent your partner using violence against you - this is both actual violence and threatened violence.
  • The court injunction also protects you from harassment.
  • The order will protect both you and your children.

Occupation order

  • This prevents your abuser from living in the family home, entering the home, or being in a specified area around the home.
  • This kind of order can be perfect for you if you do not want your partner to be allowed back into your home, and if you left the home due to violence but wish to return knowing you'll be safe.

A change in the law means that any breach of a non-molestation order is a criminal offence. If your abuser breaches the non-molestation order, the police will arrest him or her and pursue the breach through the criminal courts. Sometimes the court can attach power of arrest to an occupation order as well.

We are here to discuss your specific circumstances in an empathetic and professional way, and will advise you of your best course of action relating to domestic abuse injunctions and associated legal courses of action.

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