Following an arrest you may be charged with an offence and will either be given a date to attend the Magistrates Court or may be kept in custody to appear before the court as soon as practicable.

All cases start in the Magistrates Court and dependant on the seriousness of the case can then be sent to the Crown Court where your case can be listed for trial or sentence. Our solicitors deal with a range of matters in the Magistrates Court ranging from motoring offences, right through to the most serious of offences, such as murder. We are able to provide advice on what pleas to enter in respect of any charges which you face and if you plead guilty, then put forward mitigation on your behalf to ensure that the best result is achieved.

Where a not guilty plea is entered and your case is listed for trial our Criminal Defence team shall take detailed instructions to prepare your case for trial. This may include taking statements from any witnesses and where necessary instructing experts who may assist on a particular contentious point.

Our solicitors will also be able to assist if you are kept in custody by the police and make an application for bail on your behalf in the Magistrates Court. Representation can be secured under the Legal Aid scheme or on a private fee paying basis.

We can represent legal aid clients across London and the Southeast.