Forfeiture — or ending a lease before the lease term expires — is a drastic step. It is a power that your landlord can only take in limited circumstances. If you are the subject of a forfeiture application, MTG Solicitors in Ealing can provide realistic advice on whether you can challenge the landlord's action.

Forfeiture Is A Limited Power: Has Your Landlord Acted Legally?

A landlord cannot use the forfeiture mechanism unless:

  • There has been a breach of a lease covenant, for example, against sub-letting.
  • There has been a breach of a lease term that is critical to the landlord and tenant relationship, for example, the agreement to pay rent.

How We Can Help

If the landlord wishes to enter the premises and change the locks, we will ensure that proper procedure is followed, including that correct notices have been issued and that there is no illegal forcible re-entry.

If the landlord issues a Section 146 Notice, we can advise you how to defend the notice in court.

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