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Teagy Singh Grover

Partner / HR Manager

Criminal Law

Teagy has been practising as a solicitor since 2009 as a specialist Criminal Defence Practitioner with Police and Court Duty accreditation. Teagy received his training from a firm based in Harlesden and Watford that specialised in Criminal Defence. He joined MTG Solicitors in 2011 and within a short period of time, progressed and became head of the Crime department.

He is widely regarded as a ‘superlative’ Solicitor in serious criminal cases and has extensive experience in murder, multi-handed frauds, drugs cases, money laundering, mobile phone fraud, rape, kidnapping, robbery, grievous bodily harm and trademark offences cases amongst others.

Being extremely passionate about what he does, this helps him consider all types of cases, no job is too complicated or too small for him. He represents clients at the Police Station, DWP Interviews, Magistrates Court, Crown Court including Confiscation Hearings and Court of Appeal.

He regularly represents those who have been arrested and are interviewed at Police Stations across England where he is admired for his style in representing his clients in difficult situations. He also often represents his clients for Magistrate Court Hearings. He is known for his proactive and diligent approach as a much sought after polished and sound advocate.

Teagy is ardent about his Crown Court Cases. Whether it’s for a Guilty or Not Guilty Plea, his preparation for all hearings is second to none. He has a clear and articulate way of presenting his cases. He works tirelessly towards the best interest of his clients and ensures they are kept updated at all times, working closely with a number of reputable Queen’s Counsel and leading Barristers who think highly of his work and his commitment in ensuring that his clients receive the best representation. Teagy is regularly instructed privately and for those that require funding by the Legal Services Commission.

Notable cases:


  • R v LC (2017) – 5-handed conspiracy to supply unlicensed medicines and Class C drugs
  • R v SA (2017) – 7-handed conspiracy to supply skunk cannabis from London to Plymouth
  • R v TB (2017) – 4-handed conspiracy to evade tax on the importation of goods
  • R v PK (2014) – Conspiracy to receive stolen goods – charges were withdrawn before start of trial
  • R v NJ (2011) – Southwark Crown Court – conspiracy to defraud

Sexual Offences

  • R v JU (2017) – Rape and sexual assaults of two minors under 13
  • R v RF (2017) – Possessing and making indecent images of children
  • R v MA (2017) – Rape and sexual assault of two complainants
  • R v MS (2016) – Found not guilty of two counts of sexual assault after a 10 day trial
  • R v RM (2016) – Unanimously found not guilty of sexual assault after 2 day trial
  • R v JS (2016) – Case involved youth accused of sexual touching. Case was dismissed at half time
  • R v HN (2015) – Client faced charges of rape and sexual activity with a child. Following a lengthy trial (51 days in total), client received a unanimous not guilty verdict
  • R v AN (2015) – Case for sexual assault was dismissed due to insufficient evidence
  • R v WM (2013) – Client was charged with a historic rape – client was acquitted unanimously after 5 day trial
  • R v JG (2012) – Harrow Crown Court – causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
  • R v MB (2012) – Harrow Crown Court – Indecent assault


  • R v MM (Dec 2018) – Isleworth Crown Court – Burglary
  • R v AH (Feb 2018) – Southwark Crown Court – Conspiracy to commit burglary
  • R v MW (Jan 2018) – Isleworth Crown Court – Benefit Fraud
  • R v AS (Jan 2018) – Isleworth Crown Court – Robbery & Burglary
  • R v NM (Jan 2018)v- Isleworth Crown Court – Fraud by false representation
  • R v RA (Jan 2018) – Harrow Crown Court – Money Laundering
  • R v RS – Blackfriars Crown Court – Perverting the course of justice (Jan 2018)
  • R v SL (2017) – Client charged with possession of firearm, possession with intent to cause fear or violence and affray. The case for intent was discontinued. The client received a suspended sentence and a fine for possession and affray.
  • R v IS (2017) – Client was charged with ABH on her 8-year-old daughter. The case was discontinued after representations were made to review the case.
  • R v AM (2016) – Case for mishandling parking documents discontinued
  • R v YA (2016) – Case for robbery was discontinued due to insufficient evidence
  • R v LG (2016) – Case for burglary dismissed due to insufficient evidence
  • R v AK (2015) – Client faced charges of Robbery and Possession of Class B Drugs. Case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence and unreliable witnesses
  • R v CA (2011) – Isleworth Crown Court – importation of Class B drugs
  • R v MD (2012) – Isleworth Crown Court – Robbery
  • R v AN (2012) – Isleworth Crown Court – Importation of Class A drugs
  • R v RR (2012) – Isleworth Crown Court – Possession of false ID
  • R v HC (2012) – Uxbridge Youth Court – Robbery
  • R v SV (2012) – Isleworth Crown Court – Robbery
  • R v HS (2012) – Southwark Crown Court – Burglary
  • R v PB (2012) – Isleworth Crown Court – 20 count indictment for robbery on multiple victims
  • R v TB (2012) – Harrow Crown Court – Production of Class B drugs

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi and Dari