A right to buy is the process where a council tenant is able to purchase the home they live in from the council. This will be subject to certain requirements and once you have had an offer which you have accepted we can assist you with the conveyancing process.

The conveyancing process when buying a council property contains a number of steps which we will handle on your behalf:

· We will need to raise enquires about the property and conduct searches to ensure that there are no problems with the legal title to the property and that the property is serviceable i.e. has appropriate water and sewage connections;

· We will review the documents the council has provided to ensure that you obtain clear legal ownership of the property;

· We will review the contract that the council's solicitors have prepared to ensure that it is fair

· We will report to you and your lender on any matters you should be aware of.

Once a completion date has been arranged with the Council (this will normally be on Mondays only) you will be required to ensure that the balance of the proceeds of sale are in our account at least one working day before the proposed completion date in order to ensure there is no delay in your completion. Once we know the completion date we can request any mortgage money from your lender (if appropriate).

On completion we will send the purchase monies to the council. We will then ensure that you are registered as the property owner.

Contact MTG Solicitors

If you are purchasing a council property then please contact us by calling 020 3026 2548. You can also get in touch online.