Serious injuries are by nature hugely traumatic and life-changing. If you have suffered what insurers refer to as a 'catastrophic injury' life is likely to become challenging. Serious injury claims such as a brain injury, head or spinal cord injury as well as adjusting to life after an amputation, requires specialist serious injury solicitors to help you secure both the compensation and the rehabilitation required to provide for your future needs.

A serious injury claim can cause huge disruption to the lives of both the sufferer and their loved ones.

At MTG Solicitors our role does not end when you have received your financial compensation. Specialist care and support will become a necessity. Our service extends to help with the rehabilitation process by providing access to all the support groups needed to adjust to a new way of living, rehabilitation may follow the accident, special equipment may be required and your home may need to be adapted.

Here at MTG Solicitors we pride ourselves on making a real difference and helping our clients restore as much as possible to their lives. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, contact us on 020 3026 2548 for expert advice on claiming for compensation.