We appreciate that legal costs can appear daunting. At MTG Solicitors we are able to fund a claim through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is commonly known as a No Win No Fee agreement.

What is a No Win No Fee Agreement?

A No Win No Fee agreement is an arrangement between you and your solicitor whereby if you win your claim, your solicitor will be paid their fee by the opponent.

If your claim for compensation is not successful, you will not need to pay for your solicitors charges for the work they have undertaken.

We will meet with you at your convenience and discuss your claim. We will assess the prospects of your claim and advise whether your claim can be funded by a No Win No Fee agreement.

Alternative Methods of Funding?

It is good practice to check whether you have legal expense insurance in place, which can often be used instead of a No Win No Fee agreement.

It is an insurance policy that provides you with cover for the costs of legal advice should you need it. This is usually an additional add on to an insurance product which you may have purchased.

We will review your documentation when we meet with you to discuss your claim.

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