Statutory rights protect the consumer by ensuring that retailers and manufacturers cannot escape liability for faulty products.

In order to make a successful claim it is imperative to retain evidence such as the faulty product itself or photographs of the faulty product and any damage caused.

There may be various reasons why products could be faulty:

  • Failure to display sufficient warnings
  • Contamination during manufacturing
  • Failing to recall a product which is known to be faulty

At MTG, our solicitors are experts aim to ensure a fair and just outcome is achieved. Our solicitors have the resources to pursue your claim fearlessly in order to achieve a successful outcome. Our experts will offer a sympathetic and sensitive service.

Our injury solicitors have dealt with actions arising from faulty products including:

  • Broken teeth from biting into foreign objects
  • Back injury from falling off a broken chair
  • Dermatitis from contaminated bedding
  • Food poisoning from eating a contaminated sandwich

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