Dealing with the injury or illness causes substantial distress and disruption, but being in a foreign country without the vital support and guidance that you need can compound the problem. Sometimes whilst travelling abroad, accidents can happen. Wherever you have suffered an accident or illness abroad there are laws in place to protect you and ensure that you have a right to claim compensation in respect of the accident or illness you have suffered.

We passionately believe that our clients deserve the best possible medical care, rehabilitation and specialised support after an accident or illness abroad.

MTG Solicitors has expertise in pursuing claims for compensation arising out of accidents abroad. We understand the issues affecting you and your family arising out of an accident or an illness abroad.

Our solicitors have assisted clients who have been injured in accidents abroad and successfully handled claims involving the following:

  • Accidents abroad
  • Accidents while working abroad claims
  • Cycling accident claims
  • Car accidents abroad claims
  • Coach accident abroad claim
  • Skiing injuries abroad
  • Terrorist related injury claims
  • Accidents on aeroplanes

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