For most people, becoming a citizen by naturalisation may not be a complicated process, but bearing in mind that the Secretary of State may choose to refuse an application for naturalisation even where the applicant meets all the legal requirement, in addition to the fact that the fee paid to the Home Office for the application is not refundable when the application fails, it is advisable to seek professional legal advice from MTG Solicitors who have the experience of naturalisation and visa services before you apply.

To qualify and to apply for naturalisation as a British Citizen, a foreign national living in the UK must obtain settled status either through marriage to a person settled in the UK or through length of residence in the UK. However, there are additional requirements of the rules which must be met such as age, how long you have lived in the UK, whether you intend to live permanently in the UK and whether you are of good character. You will also be required to show that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language and sufficient knowledge about life in the UK.

We also offer advice on British citizenship applications for EEA and Swiss citizens. An EEA or Swiss citizen may apply for naturalisation if he or she can prove that they have a right of permanent residence in the UK and satisfies additional rules.

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