Are you a carer for someone and need help with your caring or need some time off to rest?

The Care Act 2014 places a duty on the local authority to carry out an assessment where a carer appears to need support. This is irrespective of the amount or type of support provided.

A carers assessment is carried out by social services to find out what help and support you need such as;

  • replacement care so that you can have a break
  • changes to the disabled person's home to make it more suitable
  • assistance with travel e.g. taxi fares
  • specialist housing
  • help with work and education

The Assessment Process

  1. Request "carers assessment" - this request can take up to 6-8 weeks to process
  2. Local Authority will determine eligibility - this is a 3 part test "the eligibility criteria"
  3. Local Authority will prepare a care plan & package if deemed eligible -how needs are met is a decision for the Local Authority
  4. Regular reviews
  5. Reassessment of needs if necessary - i.e. change of circumstances

We can help you.

  • Obtain Carers Assessment where it adult has need for support
  • Challenge outcome of Assessment
  • Challenge financial Assessment
  • Failure to provide adequately for support needs following Assessment
  • Refusal of Local Authority to provide Direct

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