Our children law solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with any child access or child contact situation. In every child access matter the best interests of the child are always of the utmost importance and at MTG Solicitors our specialist family solicitors work to resolve any access, contact issues in a timely manner reducing any emotional strain to a minimum.

In most cases an agreement is usually reached amicably about where the children will live and where they will attend school.

If an agreement regarding child access cannot be made and Court representation is required MTG's leading child contact solicitors have experience representing, children, parents and other family members alike.

We deal with all types of child disputes including:

  • Grandparents' rights
  • Father's rights
  • Child residence disputes
  • Taking children abroad
  • Parental Responsibility disputes

We can advise and represent you in a range of circumstances including:

Parental Responsibility

  • Parental Responsibility is the legal term used for governing who can make decisions regarding a child's health, education, religion and all key aspects of their upbringing.
  • Mother's are automatically granted parental responsibility, for fathers the law is a little more complex.
  • We can advise you on obtaining parental responsibility through a parental responsibility agreement or Court Order and exercising parental responsibility.


  • We are able to assist in negotiating and agreeing contact arrangements. This includes putting forward proposals for contact, progression of contact, improving communication between parents and drawing up agreements.
  • If necessary we can apply to Court for a Contact Order and represent you throughout the proceedings.

Residence Orders

  • This is an Order made by the Court which determines who a child lives with, and any person who has a residence Order automatically has parental responsibility for a child.
  • Such an Order can only be made by a Court and we can make this application on your behalf.

Specific Problems and Issues

If there is a specific issue or dispute which you and your ex partner cannot resolve please consult us. We are able to deal with a range of disputes including:

  • Applications to change a child's school
  • Applications concerning moving out of the country
  • Disputes regarding choice of religion
  • Medical care and treatment
  • Applications to locate a child

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