At MTG Solicitors we strive to provide quality legal advice for people at the police station. We understand that it is a daunting prospect being arrested and questioned by the police. Our Criminal Defence team has a vast amount of experience representing people at the police station and have represented people for a vast array of matters, including attempt murder, fraud and sexual offences.

All of our criminal solicitors are accredited duty solicitors and they are independent of the police and the courts. We provide assistance to those that have been arrested and are to be interviewed at the police station, as well as those who have been charged and are due to appear before the Magistrates Court.

Everyone who is arrested and is to be interviewed by the police has the right to be represented by a solicitor. Our dedicated Criminal Defence team can attend the police station at any time, day or night, to provide legal advice and assistance to those who are under arrest.

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It is essential that if you are arrested and are to be questioned by the police, that you are represented by a solicitor. Our Criminal Defence team is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted on 07951 338 001.