The crime department at MTG Solicitors has defended those accused of the full spectrum of cases ranging from minor motoring offences to the most serious offences such as sexual offences and murder.

When your liberty is at stake it is imperative that you have a defence solicitor who will leave no stone unturned in preparing and presenting your defence. Our solicitors are all accredited duty solicitors and can assist you with matters where you are to be interviewed and also where you are charged and due to appear before the courts.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and offer representation in respect of the following areas:

Police Stations - We can advise and represent you at the police station if you are arrested and are due to be interviewed. Anyone who is to be interviewed has the right to be represented and our experienced solicitors can assist you at every step. Representation at the police station is free of charge.

Interviews Under Caution - There may be instances whereby you can be formally interviewed in conjunction with investigations being carried out by agencies such the Department for Work and Pensions or Trading Standards. We can represent you at these interviews to ensure that you are delivered the best result possible.

Road Traffic Cases - It is a daunting experience having to attend court and more so if you are faced with the prospect of losing your license. We will ensure that you are provided with straightforward advice to ensure that your case is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Magistrates Court - All cases start in the Magistrates court and therefore it is imperative that you receive the best advice in order to be able to proceed with your matter at court. Our solicitors will be able to advise you on what pleas to enter in respect of the charges which you face and we can represent you under the Legal Aid scheme or on a private fee paying basis.

Crown Court - Where your case is listed for at the Crown Court, our solicitors will ensure that they take your detailed instructions in preparation of your case. A barrister shall then be instructed on the basis of their experience and expertise in the area to ensure that you receive the best service and advice.

White Collar Crime - Our solicitors have experience in dealing with high level fraud cases. Such cases often involve a vast amount of paperwork and therefore our solicitors will ensure that they meticulously go through this in order to take your instructions and instruct barristers and experts to assist with your case.

Contact Us

You can contact a member of our Criminal Defence Team at any time of day. Our emergency number is 07951 338 001.