There are some cases which can only be dealt with in the Crown Court or may well be sent to the Crown Court by the Magistrates Court if they are deemed to be too serious. Our solicitors have a great deal of experience representing people in the Crown Court and have dealt with an array of cases, ranging from sexual offences to serious fraud matters.

Our Criminal Defence team shall go through all of the evidence in order to prepare the case, taking witness statements and advising on pleas. Independent barristers are instructed to represent for proceedings in the Crown Court and they are carefully selected based on their expertise in the area and their experience. Conference with the barrister will be arranged before the trial to ensure that you are kept appraised of your case at all stages.

Cases which are listed in the Crown Court often take time to conclude and we appreciate that this will cause great stress on anyone who is going through the process. We provide updates on your case at all times to support you through what is evidently a difficult period.