When a person is unable to pay their debts as they fall due they can issue proceedings for their bankruptcy. We recognise the difficulties that our clients face with their debts and advice on dealing with them in the most effective manner. This can include advice on debt restructuring, full and final settlements and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA).

Bankruptcy has many serious implications and it is important to receive appropriate specialist legal advice before taking this step.


We specialise in advising our clients in all aspects of bankruptcy. Both prior to or post petitions being issued. We can advise you as petitioning for bankruptcy or defending any bankruptcy proceedings that are issued against you.

Our specialisms include the following:

- issuing or defending statutory demands

- issuing or defending bankruptcy petitions

- appealing bankruptcy order

- annulment of bankruptcy order

- bankruptcy related possession proceedings and asset recovery

- challenging the Trustee in Bankruptcy's fees

- defending public examinations of Bankrupts

- implications of bankruptcy, including protection of assets and capital, dealing with Official Receivers or Trustees, transactions at an undervalue, income payment orders and bankruptcy restriction orders

- IVAs

- applications for and advice upon Debt Relief Orders

- advising and acting for Trustees on all issues relating to their appointment, and subsequent administration of an appointment as office-holder, including in realising the assets of bankruptcy estates

- advising clients facing financial difficulties to help them minimise their personal risks and maximise the choices available to them

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