In England and Wales the Land Registry holds all property details. The register is the definitive guide to how property is owned, and it is therefore crucial that the details are correct. At MTG Solicitors we advise property owners who are in dispute either with neighbours or with the Land Registry. Our job is to rectify mistakes in the register or to help negotiate an agreement with your neighbour that protects your interest in your property.

What Information Does The Land Registry Hold?

Details held on the property register include:

  • Whether the land is freehold or leasehold
  • Details of any lease
  • The property plan (boundary)
  • Easements or rights over the land
  • Who the owner is
  • Details of mortgages and other charges

Rectification Of the Register

If you think any of the details are incorrect we can advise you on your options. These include:

  • Negotiating with adjoining property owners to rectify the register in your favour
  • Ask the Land Registry to refer the matter to the Property Chamber

If you have suffered financial loss because of an error, you may be able to apply for compensation.

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