There are many different types of visitor visas, and the below options should help you to choose the right one for your circumstances and also explains what you are allowed to do while you are in the UK as a visitor. If you come to the UK as a visitor, you are normally allowed to stay here for a maximum of 6 months.

Visiting to do business

If you want to do business in the UK, you should apply to come here as a business visitor (or as a child visitor if you are under 18). This includes academic visitors, and doctors undertaking clinical attachments or the PLAB test.

If you want to come to the UK as a visitor to do short-term, fee-paid activity you can apply for a visa as a permitted paid engagement visitor.

The visa options here are:

  • Business visitors
  • Visitors undertaking permitted paid engagements
  • Prospective entrepreneurs

Our solicitors will go through the steps of eligibility with you in detail, prepare and submit the application with the supporting documents. We will continue to support you once you receive your visa by ensuring you remain eligible for the renewal.

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